Ji Do Kwon, our style of Tae Kwon Do, is an old, traditional style when considering our lifetime, but in the light of history, only its ancestors are old. Ji Do Kwon has two founders– Doctor Yun, Kwai Byung and Master Chun, Sung Sup. Master Chun Sung Sup was a traveler, and in his travels, he made it a point to learn about and study many of the martial arts. He was a well-known martial arts master throughout the orient. Doctor Yun lived in Japan for many years, and enjoyed the area very much. Even today in Japan, he is respected– a high-ranking Master in Shito-Ryu Karate. Shortly before World War II, Dr. Yun happened to be on a trip visiting Korea. Due to the outbreak of war, he was unable to return to his home in Japan. To maintain his martial arts training, he turned to teaching and training in Korea. This is how the two Masters, Chun and Yun, became acquainted. They were fast friends who decided to combine their knowledge into one school, one system. They then taught this new system together at the Chosen Yun Moo Kwan, which was a large gymnasium that took pride in weight training. Greco-Roman wrestling, gymnastic, Yudo (judo), and Kwan Bup Kong Soo Do. Our original name then was Kwan Bup (Chuan Fa or Kempo – Hand Fighting – Void Hand Way) Kong Soo Do, which is the same as Sensei Funakoshi’s Kenpo Karate Do.

Ji Do Kwon training is a process, not an objective. Too often, beginners are concerned with getting the yellow belt, then moving up the ladder to blue, high blue, green, high green, brown, high brown, and finally. . . the coveted black belt. This is not the focus we have at Grandmaster Chun. Our students are taught to be more concerned with developing excellence and quality rather than merely striving for the next belt color. Our focus goes beyond that. We are training you for life, not just for martial arts.