At Grandmaster Chun Taekwondo, we develop a family atmosphere. We help each other. No matter your ranking, you are welcome to every class at Grandmaster Chun. In fact, the benefit of all levels being in one class together is that the more experienced can help the newer folks. We promote family values not only from within the walls of the school, but in the community as well.

Aspects of Training

The aspects of training we offer are self defense, physical training, mental training, weapons training, breaking, swords, form, sparring and free fighting, World Taekwondo Federation, and stress relief.

Self Defense

We train self defense techniques against grappling, bear hugs, knives, guns, and other weapons. We teach over 180 self defense techniques in order for you to attain your black belt. Once you have reached the esteemed honor of your black belt, we continue to train you further in self defense.

Physical Training

Due to the nature of Taekwondo, you will be learning other physical abilities, such as agility and balance. Those are both key to mastering your art in the setting of the school as well as in real world situations. High flexibility is another trait of those who master Taekwondo. Even for those who are not naturally flexible, we are able to train your body to become more flexible with every class.

Mental Training

Jidokwan – one of the nine original predecessors to Taekwondo – has an emphasis on mental balance and preparation. It deals a great amount with leadership and preparing yourself, your followers, your leaders, and your country.

Weapons Training

We provide a variety of weapons training at Grandmaster Chun Taekwondo including nunchacku, bo, katana, sai, , short and long bows, wakizashi, and tantō – as well as many others. The emphasis, however, is for you to think of your mind and your body as your primary weapons.


Breaking demonstrates the ability to hurt someone if you have to. If you have looked at our videos or photos on our Facebook account, you have seen a lot of breaking. This takes strength, technique, and focus. These are the reasons why we teach you how to break. You will be trained to break wood, brick, ceramic tile, and concrete.


At Grandmaster Chun Taekwondo, we understand the importance of the sword in martial arts training. In many cultures around the world, the sword is a symbol of leadership, power, and protection.


Form is a fighting routine that is standardized throughout the world of Taekwondo. It highlights self defense applications in fighting multiple opponents and acts a vehicle for developing power, speed, focus, and proper technique.

Sparring/Free Fighting

We train two different styles of sparring – point-style and olympic-style. Point style is more controlled, which means you get to train on a high-density, foam weapon which allows you to learn. This style of sparring also allows for you to avoid injury. Olympic-style is uncontrolled, which means that you spar with real weapons.

WTF – World Taekwondo Federation

World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) is the governing body over Taekwondo events throughout the world, including the Olympics. We train in this style in order to assist you in preparing for WTF competitions. All WTF events require use of a full-contact style of Taekwondo.

Stress Relief

Regular exercise allows your body to release endorphins. No matter what your current mood – happy, sad, mad, or any other – an increase of endorphins into your system will keep you relieved of stress.

Class Schedule

Monday through Friday: 4:30, 5:30, 6:30
Saturday: 11:00, 12:00

Our available programs are:
Twice per week, scheduled- No make-ups permitted
Twice per week, scheduled- One make-up allowed
Twice per week, unscheduled – Show up at any class
Unlimited – As many times as you can get there each week

Call for prices and to ask about how to get a two week free trial.